Lowdown on iPhone - Using mobile technology to enrich business meetings.

Providing insights that help busy professionals plan, prepare and navigate to meetings.

Lowdown is a new iPhone first business service that helps busy professionals plan, prepare and navigate to meetings by automating mundane yet essential information so they can focus on the more human interactions. Launching on the AppStore, Globally (English Speaking) on 23rd April 2014.

London, 23rd April 2014, Office workers waste almost three hours in meetings every week, mostly due to poor planning, lack of preparation and arriving late. (According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr).

After a very cool and unique intro, allowing access to native services; Lowdown finds existing meetings in your iPhone calendar, identifies invited attendees and researches them and their company in an instant. The service notifies users prior to each meeting with snapshot and in-depth views of attendee information, company details and latest emails.

Meeting details also includes directions. Your mobile knows more about you than you, it knows where you are, where you're going and what time your meeting is.  The service helps businesspeople get to their meeting on time by presenting the route, providing estimated journey time and then navigating in real time by car, transit or walking (all in one tap).

David Senior, co-founder and CEO, Lowdown, says: “From constant, yet mundane preparation to more pleasant etiquette, we could all improve our business meetings and make them a more effective part of the week. Lowdown is the only mobile first business service in the world that reduces the number of apps and services you need to use before each meeting - from 8 to 1 and from an hour to an instant”

Lowdown is available for iPhone users via AppStore on a 30 day FREE trial of the full service, after 30 days only current and next meeting can be accessed for free. Full access to the service is then priced at £1.99 per week, £4.99 per user per month or is available as an annual subscription at £49.99 per user.

Find Lowdown on the Apple App Store Globally from April 23rd 2014.

""Lowdown makes me want to set up more meetings"" IBM Sales Person
"“an ingenious and valuable app, essential for anyone with a packed schedule”" Graham Drew, Commercial Director
About Lowdown

Lowdownapp Ltd was founded in July 2013 by David Senior & Michael Worley who have already established a mobile strategy company, Spark33. During their careers in technology consulting and mobile user-experience + the many meetings they attended over the years led to the creation of Lowdown, which automates an hours meeting prep in an instant.  

Privately owned and located in London, UK, the company is committed to developing next-generation productivity applications for consumer and business. The team at Lowdownapp Ltd combines over 20 years of technology consulting experience, working with international blue chip organisations, with six years of ‘new’ mobile services development and consultancy in apps.