Lowdown 2.0 is Faster than Search

with HERE to notify your arrival and is now FREE

Mobile is so different from the desktop: whereas we search on the desktop, on mobile we use apps. But everything’s siloed in apps. So how do you get it out of the silo? What’s the way to get everything at your fingertips, organising your life in the way that Google organised the web?

Lowdown is to mobile what Google was to the early web.

Most Exec’s, CEO’s and Business Owners are interested in the people and companies they meet. To prepare for these meetings you currently need to spend time searching websites and apps. Lowdown does this for you (and for your personal assistant), by presenting a map, the profiles of the attendees and company information, all in an instant, from a simple and standard calendar invite and now it will do it for FREE.

Lowdown for Meetings was launched on iPhone globally in July 2014. Since then thousands of Business Owners, Corporate Executives and other Professionals have saved hours preparing before each meeting thanks to Lowdown.

Having launched with a £5 a month after a 30 day free trial pricing model Lowdownapp Ltd successfully raised investment funds to remove the fee and go FREE.

Lowdown 2.0 is the first update of the service since 10th August.

"We've spent the last four months talking to our users and asking them what we could do to improve the service, a few comments were "go free" but the main requests were for enhanced existing features and simplicity of others." says David Senior - CEO

In addition to being updated for iOS8, a simplified user experience and now going FREE, Lowdownapp Ltd has also incorporated the successful companion app xxxx (to be renamed due to Nokia legal threats) into the Lowdown service, so people can view their important meeting info on people and companies and then, in one tap, notify the attendees of their arrival (also with a Selfie).

Since launch, Lowdown has assisted professionals with over 200,000 meetings - considering most people spend 15-30mins preparing before each meeting by searching websites and apps that's a nice tech driven efficiency driver for the global economy.

In 2015, mobile first services, like Lowdown, that automate mundane tasks using NarrowAI are becoming a critical time saver for professionals, focusing on delivering information in context without the need for search, "Faster than Search" and allowing people to focus on less digital and more human interactions and relationships.

Meet before you've met with Lowdown.

"I think Lowdown could drive a new wave of change in how we use our smartphones. Our devices can already know everything about us - our contacts, our plans, our itineraries - but they’re fragmented into different apps. Lowdown pulls them together." Charles Arthur, technology journalist since 1984, former technology editor at the Guardian, science & technology editor at The Independent, technology features/news editor at New Scientist.
"Lowdown has the best OOBE (Out Of the Box Experience) I've ever seen on mobile." Ian Leader - Global Head of Calendar at Google
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About Lowdown

Lowdownapp Ltd was founded in July 2013 by David Senior & Michael Worley who have already established a mobile strategy company, Spark33. During their careers in technology consulting and mobile user-experience + the many meetings they attended over the years led to the creation of Lowdown, which automates an hours meeting prep in an instant.  

Privately owned and located in London, UK, the company is committed to developing next-generation productivity applications for consumer and business. The team at Lowdownapp Ltd combines over 20 years of technology consulting experience, working with international blue chip organisations, with six years of ‘new’ mobile services development and consultancy in apps.