Lowdownapp Ltd offers customized 'Faster Than Search' mobile service for businesses.

Lowdown is now available to be tailored to specific business needs, allowing organizations to bring new context to client meetings and customer engagement.

With the advent of new mobile first business services that automate mundane activities, such as searching websites and apps for information - Lowdown, the consumer app for Meetings is now available to businesses via Apple's Volume Purchase Program.

Lowdownapp Ltd, a mobile software and technology consultancy firm headquartered in London, U.K., announces it will make its Lowdown mobile app available to enterprise companies, customized to their specific business needs, as part of the Volume Purchase Program (VPP). This program, one of the iOS app deployment programs managed by Apple, makes it simple for organizations to find, buy and distribute selected apps at scale to their workforce.

Faster than search, Lowdown fuses together a slice of the calendar in-built in the mobile device with a custom-built narrow artificial intelligence engine, presenting information instantly for the benefit of busy professionals. This innovation enables the app to bring together real-time data from a variety of publicly available, Internet-based information sources, including public profiles on popular social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter, and deliver it to users via one clear and uncluttered mobile view.

This shortcut boosts business productivity tremendously as business professionals reportedly spend an average of 1.5 days per week in meetings, and dedicate 0.5 days a week to preparing for them. Studies further show that 2 hours of preparation time can be saved every week through the use of the Lowdown app, which translates into a saving of 12 working days a year.

"The combination of contextually relevant data and the beautifully crafted user interface streamlines the time and effort users require to research people and companies in advance of meetings," notes David Senior, CEO, Lowdownapp Ltd. 

"However, a customized version can go one giant step further, interfacing with internal data sources in the back-end to provide organizations with a mobilized front-end to their internal information using the Lowdown modular iOS style"

"We created Lowdown with the knowledge that once consumers had experienced the efficiencies it would be an easy transition to offer a tailored service to businesses and designed the system from scratch to be easily customised for use cases other than scheduled business meetings" Says Michael Worley - Co-Founder

"We've already been approached by global companies to tailor for their specific requirements, one major global financial institute wants to be able to source internal information about customers so that wealth managers can get instant access to customer information on the fly during Ad Hoc needs" Michael continues.

The unique capability to connect with both publicly available information sources and internal data sources has the potential to vastly improve CRM, observes Peggy Anne Salz, mobile authority and chief analyst at MobileGroove, a research and consulting firm focused on mobile search, contextual marketing and business transformation.

"At one level, Lowdown can bring key context to meetings, allowing users to gain a 360-degree view through immediately accessing, not searching, the digital breadcrumb trail of posts and updates across social networks," Salz says. "But the real news is what will happen when Lowdown interfaces with internal databases to provide enterprise users with fresh and relevant data about customers and colleagues, thus amplifying the ability of the organization to deliver truly customized service and marketing."

Lowdownapp Ltd, which has received funding from several U.K. angel investors, was also chosen in October as the first-ever ever U.K. investment from the Indian Angel Network, Asia’s largest angel investor network with over 300 investors across 10 countries. Lowdownapp Ltd plans to use the investment to continuously improve the service for consumers and sharpen its focus on serving corporate clients globally, a customer segment where Lowdown already has significant traction and counts employees and executives from nearly 90% of the FTSE100 and Fortune 500 among its base of registered active users of the app.

For businesses interested in discussing their needs please contact Lowdownapp Ltd at info@lowdownapp.co

"Using Lowdown allows me to spend more time with my family and less time searching google." Ben Lowe - IBM Executive
"Lowdown ROCKS. Many meetings have been enhanced due to using Lowdown on a daily basis, from knowing what people look like to a being on time, it's helped me be professional and saved face many times." Rhys Sharp - CTO of Argentum
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About Lowdown

Lowdownapp Ltd was founded in July 2013 by David Senior & Michael Worley who have already established a mobile strategy company, Spark33. During their careers in technology consulting and mobile user-experience + the many meetings they attended over the years led to the creation of Lowdown, which automates an hours meeting prep in an instant.  

Privately owned and located in London, UK, the company is committed to developing next-generation productivity applications for consumer and business. The team at Lowdownapp Ltd combines over 20 years of technology consulting experience, working with international blue chip organisations, with six years of ‘new’ mobile services development and consultancy in apps.