After HERE comes - The Calling Card

The Business Card has been updated for the 21st Century

Today, Lowdownapp Ltd announces a re-working of the HERE feature.

Following the cease and desist from Nokia for using the word here in our app, comes a reimagining of the business card

Now when a Lowdown user taps the HERE (soon the be renamed in the app) feature they can inform the people they have scheduled meetings with they have arrived by tapping HERE and a Calling Card will be emailed to the attendees.

The Calling Card (see pic) will have the meeting organisers picture, title, description + Twitter, LinkedIn and Crunchbase profile links (assuming they have those profile accounts).

The Business Card has been updated for the 21st Century, try the Lowdown Calling Card feature and experience it for yourself.

Download PDF
Download PDF
About Lowdown

Lowdownapp Ltd was founded in July 2013 by David Senior & Michael Worley who have already established a mobile strategy company, Spark33. During their careers in technology consulting and mobile user-experience + the many meetings they attended over the years led to the creation of Lowdown, which automates an hours meeting prep in an instant.  

Privately owned and located in London, UK, the company is committed to developing next-generation productivity applications for consumer and business. The team at Lowdownapp Ltd combines over 20 years of technology consulting experience, working with international blue chip organisations, with six years of ‘new’ mobile services development and consultancy in apps.